Danish Chiropractic Research Stipend

The DCA and the Chiropractors' Fund has establish an international research stipend, Danish Chiropractic Research Stipend. The grant framework is DKK1 mill. a year - approximately 170.000 US dollars.

A primary objective of the stipend is to strengthen the bonds between Danish and foreign research environments including supporting foreign researchers who contribute to building up and developing a knowledge environment in Denmark.

Target group
The target group for receiving a stipend is chiropractors who live outside Denmark. In special instances, this may also include other professional groups whose projects meet the objectives of the Foundation for Chiropractic Research and Post Graduate Education.

Application deadline is each year 15 January. THE STIPEND IS PAUSED

For further information about the Danish Chiropractic Research Stipend download the guidelines and application form below:


Application form (pdf)

Application form (word) 

Article about previous recipients of the stipend (pdf)

Previous recipients

Download overview of previous recipients of the Danish Chiropractic Research Stipends.

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