Educating SpinePro's at World Spine Day

The Danish Chiropractors’ Association (Dansk Kiropraktor Forening) are celebrating World Spine Day 2017 with the event called “Spine Professor” or “Spine Pro” – in Danish “RygFessor”.

The event is carried out by students from the Danish chiropractic program (clinical biomechanics) at University of Southern Denmark.

The students educate children (and the adults/parents they bring with them) in spinal health in two large cities of Denmark. Pre-event is on the of October in Kolding Storcenter. Main event on World Spine Day is in Odense at Flakhaven. 

The Danish World Spine Day event "SpinePro" (Rygfessor) was introduced in 2015, when the chiropractic students Amalie and Kasper from University of Southern Denmark educated children in Copenhagen, Roskilde and Aarhus, where this photo is from.

How do you become a SpinePro?
The children have to go through 4 stations with 4 different assignments, where they use their hands, senses, minds and bodies to learn how to prevent back pain and keep the back healthy.

At station 1 they have to use their senses and explore a real knee joint (from a pig) – but they are engaged in seeing and touching bones, joints and muscles and are told that the spine and backs is built by the same.

At station 2 they have to use their minds and answer 4 questions about the number of vertebraes in the spine, if it’s good for the spine/back to move or to sit still a lot, what cartilage is and what it actually is that make pain, if your back hurts.

At station 3 they have to use their hands and collect a skeleton of a man (a big jigsaw puzzle).

At station 4 they have to use their bodies to make 4 Straighten Up-exercises.

When they have fulfilled the 4 stations the children have become SpinePro' and get a t-shirt and a diploma-poster with their name on it.

Their parents or the adults they are with get a folder explaining World Spine Day is a global awareness day   and why it’s important to teach children about spinal Health. It gives inspiration on how to engage children in a everyday life with a lot of movement.

SpinePro's from Copenhagen last year at World Spine Day in Copenhagen 2015.

This year the event in Odense on World Spine Day the 16. October 2017 will be a greater event with not only the two Spine-students Nanna and Matilde but a whole bunch of their fellow students. 

The 14. October Nanna and Matilde will educate children in Kolding in Jutland together with a local chiropractic Clinic.

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