Welcome to the DCA

The Danish Chiropractors’ Association is a professional union and representative body for chiropractors in Denmark.

The association was established in 1925. Today the association represents almost 900 members either working as chiropractors or studying clinical biomechanics to become chiropractors. Since 2013 the chairman of the board of the DCA has been Lone Kousgaard Jørgensen. See the board here 

The aims of the DCA are:

• To unite chiropractors aimed at representing and protecting the professional, financial and social interests of the chiropractic profession.
• To promote interest in chiropractics and enhance the awareness and significance of the chiropractic education and research.
• To ensure that members maintain and further train their professional skills
• To negotiate wages and working conditions as well as agreements with public authorities, private companies and organizations. Concerning wages and working conditions for employed chiropractors in chiropractic clinics the association prepares recommended standard contracts.
• To establish guidelines for chiropractic business. 
• To determine wages and working conditions for graduates in internships.
• To co-operate with other organizations and associations on issues of mutual interest.

Opdateret 3/9 2014

Research and development

The DCA is engaged in the promotion and development of chiropractics and has a close cooperation with the research institute The Nordic Institute of Chiropractic and Clinical Biomechanics (NIKKB) and The Danish Society of Chiropractics and Clinical Biomechanics (DSKKB). 

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