We are looking for a chiropractor for 30-32 hours per week.

What we ask:
- A fully qualified Chiropractor
- Motivation to learn and to work together
- Speaking Dutch or willing to learn to speak Dutch
- Willing to enter the Graduate Education Programme of the NCA (less than 2 years’ experience) or do the GEP exam and be registered with the SCN (Dutch Registration body)
- A good sense of humour
- Someone that is prepared to take time to listen and is creative in his or her solutions
- Someone willing to use their skills and develop them further without restricting them to use a specific technique or style
- Respect for patients and their needs
- Not for just a year or two

And in return we offer:
- Either a % based pay system or a guaranteed monthly retainer included with further % of earnings based on volume
- Plenty of learning opportunities
- A well-established clinic with a regular stream of new clients
- Opportunity to learn how to treat babies and children
- Lots of connections with other health disciplines
- Support and coaching from the principal
- Freedom of practice with alignment of values

In CV please add techniques used or preferred. Only chiropractors who can work in Europe need to apply.
If needed, I can supply references.

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