We are looking to attract team members whom are dedicated to moving the Chiropractic profession forward based on an ethical and scientific platform. We are passionate about the principles of Chiropractic.

We are very involved in our community. We are active members in the local business network, members of BNI, as well as the football and other sports club associations. We lecture in private sector businesses such as local and private women’s health clinics and many more marketing and voluntary activities in the community.

Specific responsibilities & duties:
Performing your Chiropractic duties: adjusting patients, examinations and a communicated ROF.

You will need to be willing to work in a broad scope practice, and be able to make referrals internally for treatment to different providers, as well as externally for treatment/imaging if needed.

You will partner with our wellness team to provide a full scope of wellness options for our patients.

Must have a valid DC degree and licensed chiropractor in any EU countries or in the process of getting your license.
Have great passion for the Chiropractic profession.
Enthusiastic, confident and possess a strong work ethic.
Real passion for providing high quality Chiropractic care.
Ability to work long hours, build your own patient base, and continue to grow our practice.
Positive attitude; continuous drive to grow and improve.

Desired personality Characteristics:
Must be willing to work hard & handle large patient volumes.
Must be able to manage patient treatment plans efficiently.
Must be willing to work with a team.
Must be willing to learn from senior doctor
Strong communication skills.
Persistent and driven to succeed.
Must be dedicated to help people and treat them to their best of their ability with every adjustment.
Professional and cares enough to show interest in the patient as if they were a family member.
Ensuring professional and personal care is provided to each individual as no one is the same.

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